Lebron James is softer than 10 ply toilet paper!

Lebron James may just be the softest human being on the face of this planet. His poor team is scrapping, and I mean absolutely scrapping for a spot in the play offs and what does he do? He gets a little boo boo on his wittle hip and decides to sit half of the second quarter. Now what happens while this giant kindergarten baby sits on the bench telling the trainers he needs a lollipop? His “garbage ass team” his words not mine, goes on an 11-2 run against the best record holding Milwaukee Bucks. Now after his team has busted ass in every sense of the word to propel them into a dog fight with the Bucks, the big bad swinging dick of the NBA Lebron James decides his little hip bruise is all just fine and he can go back to being a 6’9 freight train all of the sudden. Wow, I guess miracles do happen.

WARNING! The following video has graphic content

Good lord guys, prayers for Lebron I hope he can fight through after such viscous contact pic.twitter.com/rw1of2VwCi— Bob Thuggins (@paytonmullins17) March 2, 2019

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