Big Dick Nick is Jaggin off

News has finally broke about the fate of Nicholas “Big Dick Nick” Foles. All signs point to Jacksonville. As awful as a season the Jags had just put out there, it still feels like they have a lot of potential. I’m not sure where the team that almost knocked off the Pats in the AFC title game two seasons ago went last year, but obviously something is in need of a change. Blake Bortles takes the full load of the blame for Jacksonville’s problems and I don’t doubt that he is responsible for a lot of it. On the other hand I’m not quite sure how a team goes from steam rolling everyone they play one season, to not being able to crap out a handful of wins the next with the same QB. One thing is clear though and that is that if the reports are true a savior is coming to Jacksonville in the form of a mouth breathing – Napolean Dynamite look alike who absolutely dominates the grid iron. How Philadelphia let this man walk away from them is beyond me. Carson is the guy going forward, there is so much more upside with Wentz, Pederson just doesn’t call a good game with Wentz, I’ve seen every excuse in the world. Facts are facts, and the fact is Nick Foles stepped up every single time he was asked to. This man took a team who was a under dog in EVERY SINGLE GAME in the play offs and won a damn Super Bowl. The only person I believe can defeat the Pats in the big one at this point is Foles. To beat it all i truly believe he was going to do it again this year, we were an Alshon Jefferey to much pop corn interception away from what could have been an unbelievable play off run for the 2nd year in a row! And what do the Eagles do with him? Toss him to the side like a used condom after your junior prom night. The people in Jacksonville should be praising the Eagles for their stupidity because Christmas has come early for them this year. Jolly ole saint nick is coming to save the franchise and you have no one to thank except the Eagles. I hope he sees all of the success he saw with Philly and then some in Jacksonville next year because God knows he deserves it. I hope things work out for the Eagles with Wentz because if not this is a move that I’m not sure you can recover from. In all seriousness at least they didn’t tag him so he could go get his money, there is at least that to say for them.

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