Neal Brown is a gleaming beacon of hope for WVU, and Reese Smith signing.

Today March, 4th of 2019, Coach Brown landed his first recruit of the 2020 class and I’ve got to say I am pretty damn impressed. Reese Smith of Danville, Ky, which happens to be Neal Brown’s hometown. Who attends Boyle County, which is where Coach Brown went. Oh yeah, and he plays receiver, coincidentally the same position Coach Brown played. Nice little tip of the cap there from Brown if you ask me. I’ve got to say I absolutely love this guy. From the moment he has stepped in to the position he has done nothing but work. There’s pictures of him in his office at midnight recruiting non stop, him going and personally doing class checks, he is also very involved with his social media to keep the fans interested, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s hard to express how refreshing it is to have a head coach that genuinely cares about the fans being engaged and involved. He does nothing but grind, grind, grind and it has sure as hell payed off today with his first recruit. From what I’ve seen of Smith, he’s a fucking baller. I’ve seen him in person where he dominated my former high school, I figured then that he was going to be pretty damn special. After watching his highlight tape I have nothing but even higher praise for him. The kid is extremely shifty in the open field, is very creative with the ball in his hand when he has space. Has great initial speed on his routes and also wins his routes at the line of scrimmage. He finds soft spots in zone coverage like it’s going out of style. Seems to have a knack for catching the ball in tight windows as well. In summary, the kid is an absolute gamer. We’re talking about a guy who was recruited by UK, Louisville, Tennessee, and Cincinnati. But he chose the old gold and blue over any of the other 11 scholarship offers he had. Coach Brown seems to be one hell of a recruiter and I have a good feeling that the state of Kentucky is going to be a pipeline straight to Morgantown, and I am totally here for it. So congrats to Coach Brown and to Reese Smith, the future is looking very bright for WVU. Let’s go Mountaineers!

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