The Celtics are an 18 wheeler about to run me over, and Kyrie is behind the wheel.

Alright, to dive right in to it the Celtics are basically shitting on my existence. I’m a die hard Boston fan and I’ll pull for this team until the day I die, with that being said this may be the most frustrating team there is to pull for in the NBA. There is so much to love there, you’ve got a phenomenal young core in Tatum, Rozier, and Brown. Some absolute gritty grind it out players with Mook, Smart, and Baynes. You sprinkle in some veteran players like Hayward and Horford along with what is a generational talent in Kyrie Irving you’d think you’d have the makings of a power house in the Eastern Conference. Instead what we are given is a absolute shit show, night in and night out anymore. Kyrie is 100% at the root of it all with all the media swirling around him, about where he’ll go this summer and his interest in the team, and Lebron and all this other shit they can cook up. Which Kyrie loves to in turn bitch about to no end. Here is the kicker, Kyrie could end all this media speculation which he hates so much by simply giving them an answer, and at this point I don’t care what that answer is. Should I want Kyrie back in Boston with every part of me? Yea more than likely. But he doesn’t make it easy. He “doesn’t owe anybody shit” and “these young guys have to learn what it’s all about” sounds like he is just spewing out the same kind of shit his old buddy Lebron does. 1-5 record since the all star break and the KD video, with the only win coming to an abysmal Wizards team. Now after the Washington game i thought to myself that we may be able to turn things around, get back on the right track and all that other good shit. Wake up this morning see the Celts -2.5 , Total 226, and I genuinely let myself believe we were going to get one against a solid ass Rockets team and their MVP candidate James Harden. So I lock my bets in take the C’s and pray for the best. Then it happened. I see the video of Kyrie walking in “I’m not going to miss this shit” (Video at the bottom). I wouldn’t have been more upset had someone just told me that Korea was nuking us. I know he is fed up with the media and all that other shit but as the leader of this team he has to know what this was going to cause. From the moment I watched the video I knew we were toast, Celtics came out and laid a hot steamy deuce on the floor while Harden and Gordon outscored the entire team in the first quarter. It was an absolute embarrassing shit show. Then to top it off they do at least make it interesting in the 4th cutting the deficit nearly in half, giving me the glimmer of hope they may just hit the over and salvaging a little bit of my soul. Never the less it was just another cock tease to where i built my self up to have my heart ripped out of my chest again. As crazy as it sounds, the Celtics just may need to let Kyrie walk. We know what Ainge can do with the draft, lock down the young talent (Rozier will actually play basketball when Kyrie isn’t around) that we already have and move on. I have complete confidence that ole dirty Dan could land us another superstar. I hope I’m wrong. I hope this team gets their ass into gear and starts playing like they’re capable of by the playoffs or preferably sooner. However judging by the constant media whirlwind the Celtics find themselves in, I just don’t think that’ll be the case.

“I’m not gunna miss any of this shit.”
-Kyrie 🤔🤔🤔🤔— Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) March 3, 2019

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