Game of Thrones trailer review, from someone who has never seen Game of Thrones

Okay, to kick things off I’m going to say I’m one of the three percent of people in the world who has never seen an episode of GoT in my life. I’m sure it’s the best show on TV and all that good stuff and I’ll probably get around to watching it one day but for the time being I have no clue what the show is about. With that being said I do know some words from hearing people talk about it (I’m not going to google how to spell some of them so bare with me). Khaleesee, John Snow, Westeros, Dire Wolves, the dragons/winter is coming, King of the north, the red wedding, the frost king maybe? That is about all I got so I am just going to dive right into it.

The trailer kicks off with what I’m pretty sure is a teenage girl running through an ominously lit caste, maybe that’s Khaleesee? I’m pretty positive that this is the same girl narrating the next couple of cut scenes where it appears everyone is getting ready for a battle and some bald dude looks like he’s about to shit his pants. New season starts April 14th that I am sure of. After the date it goes to some big ass viking looking ships loaded down with people I’m again assuming are on their way to go whip some ass. Some other person is now narrating and it flashes to Hogwarts and a woman with a bowl cut with some absolutely YOKED dude in a suit of armor behind her, there is no way they made armor for people of that stature but i supposed that is beside the point. Next scene is a snowy village I’m going to assume is the north because it looks cold as hell there, then you have John Snow and…. ok maybe that’s Khaleesee on the other horse, either way pretty bad ass scene. Now it’s getting good around the 50 second mark we have some dragons flying over a castle and let me tell you, those things are absolute units. John Snow starts his monologue with “they’re coming” I don’t know who “they” are but it seems to be a reoccurring theme in the show that something is coming. Some more very poorly lit scenes of people preparing for battle, some dude kisses someone pretty intensely. Now at the 1:07 mark we are back at the bowl cut lady this time with no beefy knights, and she looks pretty damn upset about it. More kick ass dragons flying, this show may be worth watching for the dragons alone. Cut through about 10 more scenes of people getting prepared for battle or looking upset and then you have John Snow and maybe Khaleesee walking up to a couple more winged killers standing over a pile of bones. This John Snow dude seems like he has some nuts about him. After that the next 10 seconds have a couple more upset looking faces, a little person, and a pretty cool visual of a dragon breathing fire directly into the camera, again bad ass. We wrap up this trailer with the people who have been preparing to fight the entire time actually standing there ready to battle, again in a poorly lit environment. I have no clue where this show is set but it looks like it’s freezing balls 24/7 there, and there is no light anywhere. I’d be ready to kill someone as well. Finally we have what looks like a couple of goat hooves stomping onto the ground, and here I am assuming that is the Frost King or whatever that is that looks like it is from the ice planet on the first Thor movie. The End. Seems like a pretty cool show I’ll post the trailer below if you want to follow along, tell me how I did and what you think about the post.

The trailer is here. #GameofThrones— Game of Thrones (@GameOfThrones) March 5, 2019

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