This team is unbelievable, if you doubted Bob Huggins you are now standing there with a big ole dump in your pants. The legend of Huggy Bear has done it again. I’ve said it all year. Wait until next year, we’ll be good, we’ll be tough, these guys will develop. To hell with next year. Look at us now, this team has the heart of a pack of lions. These kids came in as young little bambi looking players barely able to hold themselves up, with their teeny tiny little bambi legs. What about now? These guys are the kings of the whole damn jungle. These Big 12 tourament games are like crack to me. Inject this straight into my veins. I literally can not get enough of it. I love this team with all of my heart. I’d die for this team. I’d kill for this team if necessary.

Emmit Matthews Jr played like an absolute man on fire. There was no part of the floor he didn’t absolutely hustle his ass off too. I thought he had the potential to be special down the road, and he said to hell with down the road I’m shining bright tonight. 28 points, on 10/14 shooting, 6/6 from the line, 8 boards, and did a more than admirable job on the Big 12’s player of the year. Hats off to you Matthews you’ve been busting your ass on the boards for a while now and it’s finally paying off on the scoreboard. I can’t say enough about these freshman in general, the future of this program is as bright as it has ever been. Solid minutes from Routt again tonight and Lamont again has been playing with a lot of heart and doing things he has never done before, so glad we will have both of them back next year.

“A very dangerous team is a team that has nothing to lose…”

Hear what @wvuhoops’ had to say about perseverance and their @marchmadness hopes. ⬇️ pic.twitter.com/Trl7Fkiai8— Big 12 Conference (@Big12Conference) March 14, 2019

McCabe said it in an interview this morning. Nothing to lose. Try and stop me from getting that put on a t-shirt, I dare you. New season for the old ball club. We were 0-0 going into the tournament, 1-0, now 2-0. Why stop there. This team is breaking out of huddles with “Big 12 champs”. At this point do not count them out, it’ll be a stretch to make it that far but winning one game was a stretch to start this damn thing off and look at us now.

Mood: pic.twitter.com/GcGvLFEBBr— Bob Huggins (@CoachHuggs) March 14, 2019

Then we have the legend himself, Coach Huggs, Ole Huggy Bear. Coming from the top rope today with this monster of a tweet. “Why the long faces guys, we’re not dead yet.” One more time for the people in the back, WE’RE NOT DEAD YET. Also big time t-shirt material. Huggs has been an assassin murdering his competition in this tourney. First Lon Kruger who honest to God has to be so sick of Huggins at this point he’s considering quitting coaching all together. Then tonight he slit Chris Beards fat neck open and shit in it. I pray it doesn’t stop there. Who ever wins this Kansas – Texas game will not be getting any sleep tonight knowing whats coming. The underdogs, the comeback kids, the monsters that are under your bed, the fucking West Virginia Mountaineers are coming for you, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Hell yes, Hail West Virginia, Let’s go Mountaineers.

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