Avengers: Sweet 16 Interactive Votes

Alright with March Madness upon us it’s also time for some brackets about random shit everyone likes. So I figured why not join in on the fun? The MCU has undoubtedly took front and center of the cinematic universe and gained millions of fans along the way. Weather you were a nerd like me and watched Marvel cartoons and read Marvel comics growing up, or you had never seen anything Marvel related until Iron Man was released, almost every human with at least half a brain has been captivated by these amazing movies. With the tournament coming up this weekend and Avengers End Game coming in a month, I thought it would be fun to see who is the most loved of the Avengers, I know most cliche’s will probably point to Iron Man and even if he does end up taking the championship home I think they’re could still be some interesting match-ups in this bracket. I’m hoping to get a lot of votes on these so spread it around once they’re out. I seeded these off of personal opinion off of who I thought would be most well liked. Cap is my personal favorite but he was my third overall one seed, so you can’t say I was being biased. Once I get this posted I’ll be posting a poll on my Twitter @pmullins17 and my Instagram story @mullins_payton starting Thursday morning to get votes for each match up. Now take in mind the poll isn’t supposed to be who is the best, or who is the most powerful because most of the time it’s pretty obvious. This bracket is more to see who is the most liked and in your eyes the best Avenger. So once I get this up I will start the voting Thursday and will do each round of this bracket along with each day of the Tournament. So Sweet Sixteen Thursday, Elite Eight Friday, Final Four Saturday, and Championship Sunday. Once I post the poll you’ll have around midnight to vote, and I will also post an Updated bracket at the start of every day. Hopefully this gets a lot of votes and I’m interested to see who’s going to take this thing home.

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