I’d take a bullet for Yasiel Puig!

Heart of a lion

Yasiel Puig is a actual super hero. No actual punches may have been thrown but this guy was ready to chuck some knuckles. It all started when Derek Dietrich went absolutely yard on Pirates pitcher Chris Archer. The Reds have been in an absolute soul crushing slump at the plate this season, so I’m sure that getting a hold of a meatball on a string hanging over the plate had to feel like pure ecstasy. So Dietrich sends this one into the river and yea, he pimp stared it. Nothing crazy or out of the way, just absolutely smacked a piss missile into the atmosphere and took a second to admire the pure beauty of a 436 foot homer.

Now on Dietrich’s next plate appearance Archer has deemed it necessary to beam him in the hip with everything he has. Some argue over this because they’re have been times and situations where people have considered it completely appropriate to hit the batter. Whether it be he did something dirty in the field to one of your runners, said something demonstrative to one of your guys, or is just flat out on fire in the batters box and the pitcher is sick and tired of it. I can see situations like these where it may be and I mean a slight chance be ok to intentionally hit a batter, other than the hot batter, that is just banana land to me. Like bunting to try and ruin a no no I think it’s just classless. Very similar to what I would say this move was. I’m sure Pirates fans will say it was justified because Derek pimped it, but that’s just a pile of horse shit I mean don’t side with the guy just because he is on your team. I would never and I mean never do that… Also Archer has no room to think that pimping a homer is classless or insulting, the son of a bitch acts like a clown on the mound all the time. This video backs that up and is also the most hilariously ironic team a sports team has probably ever posted previous to a game. “Let. The. Kids. Play.”

He’s having too much fun.
He’s too excited.
He shows too much emotion.

He’s our guy and we love it.

Let. The. Kids. Play. pic.twitter.com/YqKBGBw124— Pirates (@Pirates) April 7, 2019

So Dietrich get’s beamed and Bell immediately comes out flying off the handle. Bell has been questionable at times early in his first year with his decision making in tight ball games, and he can work through that. This right here though showed passion and a love for his players that he hasn’t had the opportunity of showing previosly. Then cue the Superman music, Puig comes flying in looking for blood. He has the look in his eyes of a Mike Vick pit-bull. He’s running around dodging his own guys and doing everything in his physical power to get to this sack of shit who just tried to hurt his teammate. If that doesn’t move the needle for you as a Reds fan at this point in the season I’m not sure what would. I’ve thought from the jump that Puig seemed passionate about this team and could really fall in love with Cincinnati, and damn did he show that today.

Puig may have been ejected along with Bell, but this kind of thing can really galvanize a ball club, I won’t be surprised if this doesn’t get marked as a turning point in this season. Having someone like that who is willing to lose his mind on someone and fight for you is an extreme motivator and can really help these guys get along and get a great chemistry. Cincy has dropped some tough games early, we’ve fallen well behind in the rankings, but the season is still so young. The pitching has looked good, we finally are seeing some good offense, and now we have a rally point for the boys. Lets start seeing some Ws cranked out and get this season on the right track. GO REDS.

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