The Reds are BACK

Now I’m not one to toot my own horn or anything with that being said, toot toot. If you read my last blog you know that I talked about the scrum in the final game of the Pirates series, and how it could really galvanize this squad. I knew sooner or later in this season this team would put it together offensively and really start firing the bats off, and it started tonight. I thought Puig trying to fight the entire Pittsburgh team was going to be a turning point in the season and this game tonight against the Marlins may just mean that I was 100% right.

Now it was no secret that the old Redlegs needed a win in the worst way. Cold as cold gets at the plate. They started batting a little better at the end of the Pirates series, then the fight happened and you could really start seeing some fire in these guys, Puig especially. This first game against the Marlins was looking promising from the jump. Getting a run in the first inning after Votto doubled and was then drove home by a Saurez single was all I needed to be fired up for this one. Lets not forget that Castillo was out there absolutely DEALING again tonight. If he keeps this level of play up through out the year we are going to have one hell of an ace on our hands. Matt Kemp actually seemed interested in playing baseball today which is a huge upgrade from what we’ve seen so far this year and gets a real nice double to left in the 3rd, later getting drove in by Schebler.

Winker cranked a 2 run shot in the 4th to open the flood gates and the flood gates opened up. The boys were absolutely buzzing out there tonight. For the first time since 2012 Cincinnati had 3 straight homers in 3 straight plate appearances in the 6th Kemp, Suarez, Schebler. Seeing the guys go yard so many times tonight really gets the juices flowing and moving the needle for me. Now we have to keep the ball flying off the bat like this and get this kind of product 1-9 and we will be absolutely set. Starting off with a 1-8 record is a tough hole to get down in. Thankfully so early in the season there’s time to right the ship and get after it. Lets keep these bats hot.

Last thing you can’t forget about is Castillo is an absolute monster on the mound. He has to have batters pissing the bed the night before they have to face him. He’s just emasculating batters right now to a nice tune of a 0.92 ERA. Putting one hell of a night on the mound from Castillo and Lorenzen with the kind of batting we had tonight is the kind of shit I’ve been dreaming of since news broke of the Dodgers trade. Put nights like this in my veins and I’ll live for ever. Reds topple the Marlins with a final of 14-0, with 12 k’s, and 16 hits. Lets go Reds.

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