Senzel’s steady stroke should strike up a solid shot at starting, sending Scott Schebler straight to sit.

Alright guys I know it has been a hot minute since I have posted a blog on here, so forgive me if I have to shake off a bit of the rust. Lets just dive right into this thing by stating I think we as Reds fans are all more than ready for a heavy dose of Senzel. The former number 2 overall pick of the 2016 draft has been showing promising signs of improvement for the Louisville Bats now that he has returned from an ankle injury.

Senzel looks to be as promising as everyone had hoped he would, granted he’s only been back with Louisville for a handful of games at his point, but his BA and OBP are good enough right now to make you think he would be more than capable of being an every day starter for Cincinnati. Especially with Matt Kemp still on the DL for the time being. You could give him a good shot at earning time right now and hopefully (fingers crossed) he lives up to the hype train that so many Cincinnatti beat writers have put him on.

Nick would still have some growing to do obviously, but with the way this Reds team has been playing I think you could live with the growing pains and still win games with him making small mistakes here and there. Now with the Rojos outfield already being loaded you are probably wondering where Senzel is playing, but if you have been following this team at all, you know as well as I do Scott Schebler’s time is running out. His bat has been ice cold and he’s even making a mistake in the field here and there. With baseball being as cut throat and competitive as it is you would think ole hot shot Scott would be playing for his fucking life right now. However it’s quite the opposite. His batting average is an abysmal .139 right now and I get it, slumps happen. Sometimes you just get out of bed and things just aren’t happening for you at all and it feels like you may never get a hold of one again. But playing like he has is putting your own career in the damn grave.

Most players of Schebler’s caliber will find some kind of slump buster and get the bat popping again, and I am sure he would given the appropriate amount of time. However time is something he unfortunately has none of right now. At 28 years old and the end of your contract you better be playing the best baseball of your entire life. It’s a cruel thing really but if you have a guy younger than you looking to grab your spot and all for less money you might as well pack your bags, and that’s what is happening with Scott here. You hate to see it happen to anyone but business is business and baseball is not only a game but a multi million dollar business, so unfortunately Scott your ass is most likely grass.

On the much more positive side of this I believe all Redlegs fans are ready to see the young stud Senzel take the field in the big leagues. Hopefully we’ll see this with in the next week or two. Sorry about it Sheb’s but you’ve got to over perform to keep your spot with someone like this nipping at your heels, and like I said before it’s all a business. I hope you can still contribute to this team, but I’m more so hoping we’ve got a young super star in the making.

Thanks for taking the time to read, I need to start blogging more often. The past couple of weeks I’ve been so wrapped up in the new Bonfire Sports podcast ( Now available on Apple and Spotify, donwload now) and I’ve been slacking on this end of it. I’ll be better going forward that is simply all there is to it. Thank you for your time as always, please Follow Bonfire Sports on Facebook, and Twitter @Bonfiresports1. Subscribe and download to the podcast, and continue to be the best readers/ listeners out there!

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