The Office is leaving Netflix

The day was June 25, 2019. A day just like any other in Belfry, Ky. After working a long day outside in a climate where the air is essentially made up of hot soup I thought I’d get home and relax a little bit. But no, there would be none of that. I oppened my Facebook app on my phone as most people do when they are sitting around the house pretending none of their responsibilities exist, only to see that THE OFFICE IS BEING REMOVED FROM NETFLIX.

I’ll kick things off by saying I’ve seen where Netflix is catching a lot of heat over this, which they should. At least this time Netflix isn’t taking an amazing series off for no reason. NBC is actually launching a streaming service in January of 2021 which is the only reason the worlds favorite show is being removed. You can’t blame NBC for this move because The Office has to be their bread and butter, hell I can’t think of another show that even airs on that channel. So as far as marketing strategy for NBC tip of the cap to you all. All though a half blind monkey could tell you that The Office would be the only selling point for an NBC stream.

What we are witnessing here folks is the end of an era. There very well may not be a show as well loved and well received by a generation. Now will people still get to see the office? Most likely they will find a way (Hulu usually comes in to cuck Netflix after things like this). People have DVD’s and streaming options with this new NBC thing which I’m sure will sell just for The Office alone. But I think above all we are witnessing the crash of Netflix between the Disney Service and now this with NBC there just isn’t anything on Netflix worth watching.

There is a year and a half left people. If you don’t intend to watch as much of The Office as you can in the mean time don’t go complaining to the rest of us when it is gone to it’s own streaming service. Netflix without the office is going to suck worse than Toby Flenderson. So enjoy what time you have people and keep these wise words with you “You Miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take – Wayne Gretzky” -Michael Scott.

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