Don’t count them out yet, here is what the Reds need to make a push for the playoffs.

Are the Cincinnati Reds play off hopes still alive? I’ll be the first to tell you yes. Now it’s gonna be harder than a 12 year old boy who just made his first stop on pornhub to accomplish it but it doesn’t mean it is out of reach. The Redlegs currently sit tied for last in the division with the Pirates. This information may lead you to believe that the Reds are completely out of the hunt, but since we are in the toughest division in baseball we only sit 6 games back from the lead spot where we currently stand. Starting this Friday the 28th we’ve got a 7 game home stand against divisional opponents, and if we’re going to make a playoff push now would be a good damn time to start it.

The Reds hopefully can grab a couple wins on the road against the Angels before this home stand starts, splitting the series would be fine with me but every win counts at this point. This home stretch of divisional games kicks off against the Chicago Cubs for a 3 game series over the weekend. The Rojos have fared pretty well against the Cubs this year with a 4-2 record against them right now. As long as we win the series I’ll be pleased but a sweep would be preferable, and while I’m not delusional ( at least not completely) I do believe in my heart of hearts a sweep is a possibility. Considering we’ve took both 3 game series against the Cubs so far this year, home and away, then I don’t think I’m bat shit crazy for believing we can break out the brooms.

After the Cubs series the Brewers come to town for a 4 gamer. Even though the Cubs hold the current lead in the division Milwaukee scares me a little more than they do. Now more than likely this is recency bias considering the Brewers just put an end to the longest win streak that the Reds have boasted this year. What is even more scary about the fact the Brewers were able to snuff out our 6 game heater was that it was against Castillo, and man they lit him up like a Saturday night bonfire. Now granted, Castillo was over due for a bad game. But I’m hoping when he pitches in that series it causes him to pitch with a chip on his shoulder. I’d prefer that Yelich and company don’t send a couple of moon shots out of Great American Ball Park.

In other news arguably one of the Reds most valued players, and fan favorite Scooter Gennett is making a lot of progress in the rehab program and should be slated to return before the All – Star break. Alex Wood a LHP that was acquired from the Dodgers in the big trade last December is also finally seeing some time and it is looking like he will make his debut on the mound for Cincy sooner rather than later. With those two coming back to the line up and players like Puig and Votto really finding their bats as of late, the Reds have a legitimate shot to do some damage to the NL Central.

I need the Redlegs to make a run at the play offs like I need air to breathe. If you all know me at all you know I live and die by my teams, and just know that the Reds making the playoffs would mean more to me than you could imagine. Obviously I’ve been going on about the next 7 games a lot because I do think they are very important, but the second half of the season is what is going to tell the story of the 2019 Reds. A team that has had solid pitching all year will be gaining another starter for the rotation, a lefty at that. Not to mention a franchise guy like Gennett returning. Now you take all that and imagine that David Bell finally realizes that Tucker Barnhart can’t play more games than Curt Casali just because everyone like him, then we may have a real shot at putting a team together. Until Barnart improves at the plate or Casali’s level of play decreases Curt should be your main guy behind the plate. Having an infield with a true 2nd baseman in Gennett and a rockstar of a SS in Iglesias is going to be absolutely unreal. The trick to all that is figuring out who to go with in left field because even thought Winker has had a pretty damn good 2019 there is several other players who are almost as worthy. Then on top of all of that you’ve got to figure out a way for Deitrich to see as much time on the field as possible.

While there is line up stuff that needs worked out, it is mostly due to the amount of talent on the team. It’s no secret that Cincinnati has under preformed this season with the amount of absolute gamers they have on this roster there is still time. All that we’ve got to see is a healthy debut from Gennett and Wood, then get the lineup the exact way we need it, then we can start chipping away at the division. Above all of that though the Reds need to fire it up before the All-Star break with series wins against the Cubs and Brewers. There is plenty that needs to change with this team, most of it is just small tweaks here and there, but I still have full belief in these guys. This has been the first season I’ve been this optimistic about the Reds in what feels like a decade. So for the love of all that is holy don’t let me down.

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