Oh boy. The NBA drama league is in full effect. Free agency opened up yesterday the 30th of June and I’ve got to say it did not disappoint. Now all of the news I’m bringing you so far in this blog is just “rumors” due to the fact that players can’t actually sign these deals until after the moratorium period which will end July 6. However these “rumors” are all but set in stone with Adrian Wojnarowski dropping Woj Bombs all day Sunday. Woj lives for one day a year and it was the start of free agency, it’s his Super Bowl and like every other year he didn’t let us down. So let us dive in to what we hear yesterday.

First and most importantly (to me anyway) Kemba Walker is signing a 4 year 141 million dollar deal with the Boston Celtics. As a Celtics fan I’m more pumped up than a Patriots football for the pregame ball inspection. This was a great signing for Boston and Kemba is exactly the player that was needed. Kyrie was gone and we all knew it, we will get into that later (he’s a snake bitch) and Rozier had developed into a great guard but since the mess the Celtics have found themselves in with Kyrie, Scary Terry was fed up with his situation in Boston, and I don’t blame him. Big shout out to Terry though for going to Charlotte and securing the bag for 3 year 58 million which is awesome for the average numbers he has posted. But back to Kemba, I believe he really has a chance to shine in Boston, he may not be Kyrie talent wise but he’s about as close as you could get and having someone with a decent attitude to replace Kyrie is worth it’s weight in gold. The C’s are still in pursuit of a big man since Al Horford signed with the 76ers but if they can find their guy to play down low I don’t see why they couldn’t stay around the top of the Eastern Conference next season.

Since I’ve already mentioned that little puss pants Kyrie Irving he has to team up with another notable snake and triggered baby Kevin Durant. Both have decided to sign deals with the Brooklyn Nets, which validates the hallway moment from last year you know the ” 2 max contracts” lip reading we got in the tunnel of a game last season. KD and Kyrie both are intending to sign a 4 year deal which is great for Brooklyn, Deandre Jordan is also signing for that same time period which will give them a big 3. Everyone is talking about how good Brooklyn will be going forward and I don’t necessarily disagree, but i feel like everyone is forgetting the problems these guys have had in the past. Durant ditched his team to join the Warriors as everyone knows and may be the most hated human alive for it, he has also been caught using burner accounts to argue with people on line showing that every little thing gets in to his tinly little infant brain. Then you have Kyrie who wanted to lead his own team, who wanted to be the guy, and when given the keys to the franchise, ran it into the ground in two seasons. You now have two guys who would rather play second fiddle to someone else and hell it’s very possible that two betas teaming up will work just fine, I’m just interested to see what happens the minute that controversy hits them.

The Knicks also just need to fold as a franchise. My God. How the fans of that team haven’t marched down to Madison Square Garden and drug James Dolan out into Time Square and stoned him to death is beyond me. Dolan landed Julius Randle and Bobby Portis. You read that right. You have the Nets signing KD, Kyrie, and DJ, while the Knicks sign average role players to pretty large deals. The Nets are now the kings of New York and the Knicks are an absolute laughing stock. The speculation of all these free agents that had interest in the Knicks and they managed to land none, not a single one of them. If you are a Knicks fan here me out, fire Dolan, set MSG on fire, and start over. No one deserves to be a part of that kind of joke franchise.

Another big name signed was Jimmy Butler going to the Heat. I really think this is a great destination for the ball dominate kind of player he is, and there are some nice pieces there to work around him and help him shine. D’Angelo Russel has signed a deal with the Warriors to help fill the void that will be felt with out Klay this season, and since we are speaking of Klay Thompson he is set to sign a 5 year 190 million dollar deal with Golden State, SHEESH. There are plenty of dominoes left to fall the biggest and most looming of them is Kawhi Leonard. There is potential for him to return to Toronto but the rumor is he is bound and determined for LA. Lets just all take a minute to pray that the Los Angeles team is the Clippers, Kawhi deserves to be the focus of a team and shouldn’t be playing second fiddle to anyone especially Lebron. So let us do our due delligence through the power of prayer to keep Kawhi away from the Lakers.

We will be posting more as free agency updates through out the week, and we are going to have a super episode of Bonfire Sports next week because we couldn’t get one posted this week so tune in for that with us next Monday. If you have anything else you want me or Madison to blog about this week let us know, we will be writing plenty of them as the week goes.

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