Episode 21: Super Max Episode

Mondays episode is completely loaded with good content, we kick things off with a power ranking of the best sports movies ( go vote now) then we get into the Jared Lorenzen news and some other team talk stuff. Must be nice covering the Reds and Braves is usually a fan favorite. Once we hit NBA free agency we cover every big news story from around the league. We actually talk soccer, then we wrap up with a funny ass viral story and our beloved AMA segment. Go download and subscribe, also rate 5 stars. Feel free to share this with all your friends as always you guys are the best.

Episode outline – Power Ranking the best sports movies
– Jared Lorenzen passing
– Must be nice Reds/ Braves update
– Around the bags MLB news
– NBA free agency
– Talking Soccer (we really talk soccer)
– As is tradition Bengals first rounder gone for the year
– Where is the off season NFL news
– Viral Story woman gets a divorce from her 300 year old ghost pirate husband
– AMA’s 


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