The Home Run Derby was like crack cocaine for a baseball fan, The All Star Game kind of sobered me up

This years Home Run Derby was so damn good for baseball it almost brought a tear to my eye. Now we’ve seen some kick ass derbies in recent years, but nothing like the performance we witnessed last night. Vladdy Jr was everything we wanted and more absolutely launching piss missiles into the atmosphere racking up a total of 91 dingers and destroying the previous record of homers hit in a single derby. This isn’t a slight against Pete Alonso who ended up taking home the trophy but if you think Alonso deserved that win you are a moron with a big dump in your pants. Granted Alonso won fair and square but Little Vladdy Daddy was for sure gassed by the final round.

For one Guerrero is a unit and a slight bit on the chonk side ( no judgement here though I’m right there with you brother) secondly Guerrero Jr had already launched 70 bombs in the first two rounds. The 20 year old phenom Vladdy Jr set the record for the most runs hit in a round by going yard 29 times in his first round, what does he do in his second round? Rakes another 29. Little did we know Joc Pederson was gonna step up to the plate and hammer 29 ding dongs himself, sending the semi final round to a tie breaker. Over time in a home run derby, sign me the fuck up for that every day of the week. So in the one minute tie breaker that ensues both Pederson and Guerrero crank another 8 homers, sending it to a swing off where each batter gets 3 hacks a piece. Each slugger goes 2/3 sending it to another tie breaker round where Vladdy gets a hold of 2/3 where Pederson manages to only crank one. By far the most exciting round of a HR derby these 24 year old eyes have ever witnessed. So it came as no surprise when in the final round Guerrero just didn’t have enough left to pull it out. Still managed to launch 21 dingers and it took a last second shot by Alonso to beat him. But in the end the human body is only capable of hitting so many bombs and Alonso just outlasted Little Vladdy for the win.

Once again hats off to the the Mets star Alonso but Vladdy Jr was the clear cut star of the best derby I’ve ever watched. After getting all those juices flowing from the dinger fest on Monday night and having arguably one of the best promotional nights for baseball in a while we move on to the All Star Game on Tuesday. This is where I was rudely reminded how good pitching usually gets the best of good hitting and got totally bummed out. Lets not forget to mention some dumb ass got overly excited and hammered down on the over for the All Star Game. That dumb ass would be yours truly.

Death. Taxes. Taking the over in an all star game. #AllStarGame2019— Bob Thuggins (@paytonmullins17) July 9, 2019

I hate myself sometimes

The All Star Game although not as exciting as the derby, which I have to remind my dumb brain that goes for all of baseball was still one hell of a game. We had some really cool moments with the player interviews while they were actually in the field. Freddie Freeman even mic’d up for his first at bat. The pitching was unreal all night and special shout out to my Reds very own Luis Castillo who went 3 up and 3 down in his appearance. The score ended up being closer than what the game was actually played with the AL pulling it out at 4-3 (no where close to the 10 runs I needed). The NL managed to put a few runs on the board in the 8th to make it respectable. Still the AL was dominant all game much to my displeasure and closed the game out with Aroldis Chapman fanning the side. The result nor the run total may have not been what I was looking for (but with my luck who is surprised) but the All Star Break was still an awesome couple of days. Over all it was good for baseball and I’m pumped for the 2nd half of the season. Let us all pray to God in heaven that the Reds make this second half interesting for me.

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