Angels i̶n̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶o̶u̶t̶f̶i̶e̶l̶d̶, on the pitching mound. A moment bigger than sports.

A few times a year the sports world gives us a moment that is bigger than the game itself, last night July 12 we had another one of those special and unforgettable nights. As many of you may know I usually write with a lot of language and sometimes satire but this blog is going to be a little different. In case you haven’t seen it Tyler Skaggs who was a pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels tragically passed away July 1st at the much to young age of 27 years old. He died in his sleep for reasons unknown to most of us, there is some speculation as to what caused his early passing but for the sake of his family most of it is being kept very private and I don’t blame them one bit for that.

Last night the Angels played their first game back since the All-Star break. During the All Star game the players representing them, Mike Trout and Tommy La Stella wore number 45 in honor of their late team mate Tyler Skaggs, but that’s far from where this story ends. In the Angels game Friday against the Seattle Mariners, (their first home game since Skaggs’ passing) the whole team wore number 45 to honor Skaggs. What happened after that is where the actual Angels come into play. During the first inning Los Angeles runs the score up 7-0, they scored 7 runs on 13 hits, the game was played on 7/12 the day before the late Tyler Skaggs birthday which was 7/13. So 7 runs on 13 hits or 7/13 that’s crazy enough as it is and I agree with Mike Trout who was quoted saying it was no coincidence. Trout also swung at the very first pitch he saw while wearing Tyler’s jersey and sent it out for a home run.

While all of that is crazy enough as it is there is more to the story. The Angels pitchers Taylor Cole and Felix Pena combined to throw a no hitter against the Mariners, and then went on to beat them 13-0, let us not forget Skaggs’ birthday was on the 13th. It gets even more special than a no hitter and the first inning score. The no hitter that the Angels pitchers threw on Friday night was the first no hitter thrown in the state of California since July 13, 1991. The day that Tyler Skaggs was born. Absolutely unreal. After the game the Angels players all took their jerseys off to cover the pitching mound in one of the most emotional moments you’ll see (video below).

Like I said there are a moments like these a few times a year that remind us what is so amazing about sports. It was a surreal night and one of those that very few of us will soon forget. Seeing stuff like this makes it hard to believe there isn’t something bigger than all of us out there. Skaggs was honored beautifully and his team did everything you could ever ask for for his memory. Thank God for sports, and these moments in life that are bigger than sports, and bigger than all of us. Rest easy Tyler.

Gone but never forgotten ⚾👼❤️

#45 | @Angels— FOX Sports West (@FoxSportsWest) July 13, 2019

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