BREAKING: Zion Williamson is inking his shoe deal with Jordan

Zion Williamson is going to be signing on with Jordan to rock the dopest shoes on the market. Everyone was wondering which way Zion was going to go with signing his shoe deal due to his famous blowout in the Duke – UNC match up. His shoe blowing out in the first couple minutes of the game caused him to miss 6 games, causing people to speculate that there wasn’t a snowballs chance in hell that Zion would sign with Nike (the shoe he had on during the blowout) or a Nike affiliate.

But here we are, not only is Zion a generational talent but he also has a brain. This is by far the smartest move he could’ve made Jordan is already the top shoe of not only the NBA but the entire world. Him partnering with Jordan is a perfect fit, Zion is a symbol of his own already for his athletic prowess and joining up with the company who’s famous logo is the jump man goes to gather like campfires and beer. I’m excited to see what these new kicks look like being a sneaker guy, I’d like to say that I’ll own a pair but God knows they’ll be 250 bones and I’m not sure if willing to drop that kind of bread on Zions shoes. Hell who knows though I may see them when they come out and it change my mind.

Overall smart move by Zion and Jordan brand. This shoe will sell itself, but you know there is going to be some kick ass commercial about how this shoe is built to handle an athlete like Zion. The commercial will probably start with the shoe blowing out now that I’m thinking about it. The amount of the deal hasn’t been released yet but you know this deal is going to be stupid big. So congrats Zion and the Jordan brand. You both did exactly what you should’ve.

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