Episode 23: Big 12 bans horns down, live Braves update + Reds recap, Tiger missed the cut + more

Episode 23 (link at bottom) has a lot of good topics we really get to dig into and crack some funny jokes on. The show starts out with a hilarious power ranking (that everyone needs to vote on), then moves on to our baseball stuff with one co-host being cripplingly depressed about the Cincinnati Reds, we hit other major news from last week before wrapping up with AMAs. I hope you all enjoy, don’t forget to download and subscribe and follow us on all our social platforms Bonfiresports1.

Episode outline

Power ranking hangover cures
Team Talk
– Greek Freak’s little brother signs with the Lakers
– Big 12 bans the “horns down”
Must Be Nice
– Live Braves updates through the episode 
– Reds recap
Tiger Woods misses the cut
Shane Lowry wins the Open Championship
Around the bags
– Indians fan one hands a foul ball, gives it to a kid
– Pete Alonso 475 ft homer
– Luke Voit hit in the face with a fastball
Play of the week
-Marlins Pitcher throws the nastiest curveball
What off season
-Madden Ratings are out
-Brett Favre story about nickel defense
– Tryreek Hill avoids suspension
– JJ Watt dodgeball
Viral Story
-Changing “manhole”


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