Titans tackle Taylor Lewan terribly troubled after drug test

Taylor Lewan is being victimized by the NFL’s ridiculous drug policy. Lewan is facing a 4 game suspension for taking a banned substance. The Titans star Tackle released a video on Wednesday where he admits to taking an over the counter substance that has ingredients on the NFL’s banned substances list. In this video Lewan explains that he was taking an over the counter substance which contains an ingredient that has been banned by the NFL since 2007. Even though Taylor was unaware that the product contained this banned ingredient, due to the fact that it wasn’t on the label, under the CBA (collective bargaining agreement) he is 100% liable for any substance in his body. Taylor took a polygraph to help prove his innocence and has full intentions of fighting his suspension.

Now that you know the facts, allow me to go the fuck off. The NFL is absolutely ridiculous in their treatment of players. How the hell is someone supposed to know that a substance is in a supplement if it isn’t listed on the damn bottle? Rodger Goodell is an absolute ass clown who has shown his idiocy in cases like this time and time again. If you support Rodger Goodell and his operation of this league you probably also support Al-Qaeda, kill shelters, gang violence, and the people who make 1 ply toilet paper. I mean you legitimately can’t sit here and tell me that it is right that Tyreek Hill faces no punishment for beating a 3 year old child, yet Taylor Lewan could miss a quarter of his season because he took some damn creatine with a little extra something something in it. Something he wasn’t even aware of. It’s bull shit and if his appeal doesn’t go through we should riot. Take in mind I’m not a Titans fan but I am a fan of the truth and what is right, and us as NFL fans and Mr. Lewan deserve justice.

If you watched the video above you can clearly see how upset Lewan is. The dude is just a guy wanted to crack some skulls with his guys on Sundays. He doesn’t want to let his team mates or his fans down and thankfully he’s going to do his best to prevent that. On another note, in the video it looks like he’s recording from a party bus that he owns with a neon sign with the Titans slogan ‘For The Boys”, he’s just a dudes dude. Taylor deserves justice from the evil tyrant Goodell and we should help give it to him. If you want to show your support for Taylor use the hashtag #FreeTaylor and #ForTheBoys also a good #FuckGoodell wouldn’t hurt. I mean how could you not root for this guy?

Taylor Lewan showed up to his contract signing dressed as Boss Hogg

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