Aristides Aquino absolutely astonishes and amazes anyone around baseball

Aristides Aquino might be the next big thing in baseball, not might, but IS the next big thing in baseball. 9 home runs in 14 games. No one in the history of baseball has fucking done that. Not Barry Bonds, not Sammy Sosa, not Mark McGwire, but Aristides Aquino, the fucking punisher himself. This man has given me so much hope, and so much pride, in the middle of a Cincinnati season that is falling apart. If the Reds organization hasn’t done anything else right, at least they called this kid up. He’s been destroying the baseball and absolutely knocking the cover off of it since he arrived. He’s already recorded a homer at 118 MPH exit velocity! Tied for the hardest hit homer in the league by the way. If you can’t tell I’m so fucking excited to have this kid here.

Now didn’t we just get shit pumped by the Nationals? Absolutely. But during the 17-7 route of the Reds last night at least Aquino set the standard for all future home run hitters to start their careers off. The Reds entered the series against the Nats around 4.5 games back from the 2nd wild card spot. Cincinnati has been playing some good baseball, so naturally I’m telling myself it’s time to make a move and start pushing our way towards the front. So what did the Reds do? The exact opposite of course. Dropped 3 straight on this damn road trip and put our selves at a pretty large 7.5 GB margin. None the less, the Punisher is at least impressing still.

Am I going to count the Reds out of the play offs this year? Of course not, I’ll hold on to hope as long as this team will let me. As long as they keep it interesting and keep me thinking that the play offs are a possibility then that’s all I’ll ask for the remainder of the season. Now the next season on the other hand, the Redlegs have no excuse to not be rolling. The starting rotation looks fierce, the outfield is filled with young phenomenal talent, and the infield has a lot of veteran experience. As long as Cincy makes a move for a reliever or two and possibly a closer, the sky is the limit for Cincinnati next season. This season may be all but over (again hoping not) but if there’s nothing else to tune in for, at least we have the hottest young bat in all of baseball. Let’s hope The Punisher hits a couple more ding dongs this weekend, and we kick some Cards ass too. Let’s go Reds. #BornToBaseball

Also enjoy this video of Aquino launching BOMBS.

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