Spider-Man: Not Coming Home?

They say home is where your heart is so if the MCU happens to be what you love, then Spider-Man is never coming home. This was one hell of a reach to get “home” into the title admittedly. But it had to be done. Sony announced through a series of tweets that our beloved Spidey would no longer be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe under Kevin Fiege.

Sony’s tweet thread

Let’s all take a second to at least admire the fact that Sony is 100% playing the victim card. Poor little ole Sony can’t make all their money from one movie, boo friggin who. I get what they’re trying to do, they’re a franchise without a lot going for them and they’re trying to milk this cash cow for everything it is worth. For those of you who are unaware (and I probably should’ve addressed this earlier) Sony owns all the rights to Spider-Man and Spider-Man characters. This for instance is how they put out the movie Venom, which grossed them a very handsome 800 million world wide. You see Sony and Marvel had a deal struck up about splitting the profits from Spider-Man for a total of 5 films. Well 5 films and hundreds of millions of dollars later Sony got a good taste of what Spidey was still worth and they want it all.

I’m sure Disney (who owns Marvel) played a little hard ball with Sony, but they have every right to. What Sony doesn’t realize is that everything that this new revamped Spider-Man is, is because of the MCU. Without this partnership Sony can’t recall anything that has happened with the previous films. No Tony Stark, no Avengers, no Nick Fury, no Happy, none of it. Not to mention Sony has successfully destroyed the Spider-Man franchise not once, but two times already. As for Marvel’s side of things Spider-Man is supposed to be the focal point of the franchise going forward, or he at least was supposed to be. However this goes down this whole situation needs fixed, fans everywhere are outraged and they should be. Marvel has done everything perfectly up to this point and I’d hate to see them blow it on one of the most popular characters to ever exist. To hell with Area 51, we need to storm Sony studios and take back what belongs to all Marvel fans. #SaveSpidermanFromSony

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