West Virginia is ready to take down the Missouri Tigers

Alright so if you’ve clicked on this blog you are more than likely a West Virginia fan, and if I happen to be correct in that assumption I can safely assume you’re here to read up on this weekends game. Well y’all are in luck because that’s exactly what I am here to do. I’m going to get right down to brass tax here, our Mountaineers are a 14 point underdog going into Saturdays match up. Yikes. At first glance this looks awful. However if you think logically for a second you’ll realize that’s more than likely a good shot at making some money.

Last weekend the old Gold and Blue faced off against and beat the Dukes of James Madison 20-13. Not exactly a world beater of any sort but then again they’re a better team then you would think at first glance. JMU is tough defensively and would’ve given plenty of power 5 teams a hard time (Tennessee for instance). West Virginia had a rough time moving the ball in their first game under Neal Brown, which is understandable, new coaching staff, new quarterback, new wide outs, almost new everything. So when our Mountaineers came out in the first half and couldn’t drive the ball any further than your 89 year old grandpa can drive his Lincoln town car out of his drive way, no one should’ve been surprised. The ‘eers only managed to put out 34 yards on the ground, the whole damn game, that was quite a pants shitting shocker. West Virginia has 4 experienced running backs and a decent offensive line to go with it, yet James Madison’s defense was stiffer than a Viagra erection that persists for more than 4 hours. In the first half of the game WVU’s transfer quarterback Austin Kendall was having a few timing issues with his new receivers, but the 2nd half was much more hopeful. Kendall and the rest of the Mountaineers looked a lot smoother and more confident in the later part of the ball game. Kendall ended up throwing for 260 yards on a 27-42 clip, while also tossing 2 tuddys. The defense allowed quite a bit of rushing yards but got tighter than a banjo string in the red zone, only allowing the one touchdown. So even with the lack of offense and allowing a shit ton of rushing yards, there was still glimmers of hope, and a W in the win column.

Mizzou on the other hand crapped out 1 of the 3 embarrassing SEC loses last Saturday falling to the Wyoming Cowboys. Yippy ki-yay mother fuckers. Missouri hopped out on the Cowboys 14-0 in the first quarter, as one would expect a SEC school to jump out on a G5 school. The Cowboys however saddled up, dusted their boots off, and proceeded to kick some Tiger ass up and down the field for the remainder of the game. Wyoming went on to score 34 of the next 37 points in the game. It doesn’t hurt to mention that the Tigers allowed a whopping 297 yards through the ground game alone to Missouri, which is great news for our ‘eers considering the performance last week. WVU will absolutely be looking to add some salt to this rushing wound. Missouri never could quite get it together, and ended up losing 37-31. Needless to say the Tigers went home with their tails tucked between their legs. (I don’t know if actual Tigers do that, but thought it was a cool analogy.)

So what does all of this information tell us? It tells me that we owe it to WVU to load up on that +14 spread. Throw all your money down on them, hell sprinkle a little something -something on the money line if you’d like, it’s a tasty looking +400. Now to be a realist, it is going to be a tough outing for a young West Virginia team. They’re on the road at an SEC school who is no doubt looking to bounce back after an embarrassing loss. Wyoming ran through Missouri like shit through a tin horn, obviously they’re looking to turn the young season around. With that being said Mizzou already showed they’re weak against the run and WVU no doubt has been working on pounding the rock all week after the piss poor performance on the ground last outing. West Virginia has the backs to exploit that defense if they get the things lined out on our end. Kendall and the rest of the offense will improve week by week for sure, as I have complete faith in what Coach Brown is doing there. And Missouri hasn’t shown anyone anything other than losing to a run of the mill G5 school. I’m guessing Kelly Bryant has a lot to do with the Tigers hype train but still, they’ll have to show me why they are a 14 point favorite come Saturday. I’m not going to slap a guarantee on a Mountaineers win but it wouldn’t shock me, I think all WVU fans can sympathize with me when I say we’ve got a lot of potential to go into Mizzou and come out with a dub. At the very least though I think our ‘eers cover that large 14 point spread (if you’re looking to make money). Lets go Mountaineers!

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