As much as I love the Mountaineers, some fans tend to piss me off. Be patient.

Fellow Mountaineers, the sun still came up Sunday morning, the earth continued spinning, NFL football was on all day, children laughed, families gathered around the TV, life went on. I know that is hard for some of us to understand. As a die hard WVU fan watching that show on Saturday made me as sick as gas station sushi, just remember better days are coming. I’ve got to say as much as I love the ole Gold and Blue, I’m more disappointed in some of our fans over reactions then the out come of the game. I know that these fans are the few and not the many, but those few make Mountaineer fans as a whole look like a bunch of cousin fucking, toothless, uneducated dick holes (To put it mildly).

People were irate watching the Mountaineers get demolished Saturday, and frankly I get it. I even wrote a big dumb ass blog on how we were for sure going to cover a 14 point spread and WVU was getting nothing but disrespect. Hand up here though guys, I was dead wrong. Turns out there is a whole shit ton of problems needing fixed.

First off our offensive line looks like hammered shit. Not only are they not getting any push on the line of scrimmage, they’re allowing more penetration than a freshman sorority girl fresh off of a break up with her high school sweet heart. Our veteran stable of running backs are getting met in the backfield as soon as they touch the ball, rendering them all but useless. This is why we’re dead last in the NCAA in rushing yards per attempt. No amount of creative play calling can work around that. Not only does that keep our backs from getting going, poor Austin Kendall has approximately 0.22 seconds to get the ball out of his hands. Yet some how we had fans clamoring for Kendall to get benched. They eventually got their wish and ole captain Jack Allison threw a pick six almost immediately. Surprise surprise our fans don’t always know what is best for the program. That is probably coming as news to some of you all.

So let us get to the heart of the writing of this blog. I saw multiple WVU “fans” and I use that term loosely, calling for Neal Browns job. Yup. You read that correctly. There want him fired after his SECOND GAME. Do you all realize how stupid that makes everyone in Gold and Blue look? This man took over program in Troy, Troy for God’s sake and proceeded to seasons of 4 wins, 10 wins, 10 wins, and 10 wins. Multiple bowl games, multiple games against major FBS teams, opponents that he either beat or gave them the game of their life. Yet we should go ahead and fire his ass after his second game, and first loss. Laugh my fucking ass off.

I’m a firm believer in Neal Brown and what kind of potential he has with all that he’ll be provided at WVU. I mean look what he did with a program like Troy, but you’ve got so little faith in your school that you don’t think he can do that with the Mountaineers? Let’s factor in some things really quick. We have, an entirely new coaching staff, almost completely different offensive line, new QB, almost all new receiving core, and we’re running a completely new defensive scheme. This anger you fans have got is wildly misplaced because this entire mess is Holgerson’s fault. The guy quit recruiting and said you can’t get recruits to West Virginia so why even try? He left the cupboard completely empty and bounced. If you’re mad at anyone be mad at him.

This probably sounds like a hate letter to my fellow WVU fans but I promis it’s not, like I said this is aimed at the few guilty ones, not the fan base as a whole. It’s just that those few make us look awful fucking dumb. Sure I had high hopes for a better game last week but there were apparently a lot of problems that weren’t as apparent in week 1. Please though just give Neal Brown time. We’ve got an absolute steal having him as a head coach, shit just can’t happen overnight. Realistically a coaching change and true rebuild takes 3-4 years, if not longer. He’s got to get his recruiting classes in there and develop the players he has, players that had been recruited for completely different schemes. Look for small improvements week to week this year. I believe we will be competitive again next season, I really do. As for this year, patience. Stomach as much as you can watch and look for small victories in the game with in the game.

We’ve got NC State this coming Saturday, we’re a 7 point underdog, deservedly. And it appears it will be another tough one. As the optimist I truly am, I think we’re going to improve a lot week to week, and can give NC State one hell of a game. Maybe even manage to grab a W somehow. But don’t be to discouraged if we get our asses handed to us. There’s a real possibility we see that a lot this season.

For the most part we have the best fans in the world, loyal to a fault, mostly optimistic, most of us even know a lot about the games and teams we root for, and are very intelligent. WVU fans are also extremely active on social media and we really do have the best interactive community of any fan base. There is just a couple of us hurting our imaging calling for a coaches job after his 2nd game during a rebuild. But I’m ready to forgive and forget. Trust the climb people. It wasn’t just a cool motto for a social media campaign. That was Brown’s way of saying hold on guys, it may take a little bit to get to the top, but I’ll get you there.

Thanks for reading this blog guys, if you are a die hard WVU fan like me I know you’ll agree and appreciate the sentiment of this blog. If you’re one of the “fire Neal Brown” fans, I don’t hate you, just be better. Realize what’s happening in our program and accept and embrace it. More importantly continue to cheer like hell for the Mountaineers. #HailWV #LetsGoMountaineers #TrustTheClimb

Also if you’re looking for a good sports podcast check out the Bonfire Sports podcast on Apple and Spotify. Check us out on social media @Bonfiresports1 on all platforms. Comment and let me know what you thought about the blog, thanks again!

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