The Return of Emmitt Matthews’ hair + We Wrecked Tech

Saturday evening the Mountaineers took on the #22 Red Raiders in the Coliseum, and the boys sure as hell didn’t disappoint. First off we all knew we needed Emmitt’s hair back for this big of a game, there’s also a hilarious hype video at the bottom of this blog if you’re interested. Texas Tech came in to our building and got ran out of it too. WVU looked great defensively yet again, after holding OK State to just 41 points on 29% shooting we followed up by holding Tech to 54 on 34% shooting. This team is long, athletic, and pretty disciplined on the defensive end of the court, although Huggy Bear may beg to differ I tend to be a little more positive about their play.

One of our star freshman Miles “Deuce” McBride has been an absolute monster offensively. During Saturday’s game Deuce scored a career high 22 points on 8/11 shooting. This kid is afraid of absolutely nothing. On a team that seems to struggle finding an offensive flow outside of Culver and Oscar getting fed the rock down low, his fearlessness is an absolute necessity. Deuce was one of only two Mountaineers to record a field goal in the 2nd half, yes that’s a real fucking stat. In a way that’s extremely impressive simply because we only had 2 players score from the floor in the 2nd half and still beat a strong Texas Tech team. The fact of the matter though is we need scoring from other players. McBride seemingly steps up and lights the world on fire every big game when WVU needs points but at some point down the road it’s going to take some other players being able to contribute as well. I personally believe Matthews and Haley are the key factors in our additional scoring. When both of those guys give us 10 points we are scoring well into the 70’s and even the 80’s at times. I know thought that shooting slumps happen and as much as me and the rest of Mountaineer Nation would like to think that a simple undoing of braids would get Matthews back on track, slumps are slumps and you’ve got to shoot your way out of them.

At the end of the day I truly believe every player on this team is concerned solely on getting dubs, and that is more than fine with me. This was a solid win to prove this team is legit and will take care of business in Morgantown, hell it’d been a month since they had played there. I’m jacked to the tits about this win, which to be fair I get pumped over every win, but still it was a good one to instill even more confidence about this team going forward in conference play. Texas Tech, more like TexASS Tech am I right? (I know that’s awful but I’ve already typed it so its staying in). WVU is back in the Coliseum Tuesday night to take on TCU at 9 PM, don’t miss it we’ll be posting highlights @Bonfiresports1 on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Also check out the podcast Bonfire Sports on Apple or Spotify. Enjoy the video!

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