Bonfire Sports, The Road so Far: One year after my first blog

Wow. Hard to believe it’s been a year since I put the pen to the paper and blogged my very first time. I still remember writing it very vividly, and hell if some of the readers are nostalgic like me you may want to go back and read it your selves, so the link will be at the bottom of this post, because I’m a man of the people and the people get what they want. The blog was well received and it gave me the passion and hope I needed to start creating bonfire sports, and made it what it is now. If you want to talk a trip down memory lane with me, it’d be much appreciated.

I don’t remember now, exactly what it was that convinced me to start writing blogs. I’m sure I had watched some motivational video on twitter or Facebook about pursuing your dreams or some shit, most likely an Eric Thomas video. But damn I’m glad I went through with it. Writing that was fun, and I hated writing in school, but this was so different and such a good time. I was legitimately enjoying myself doing it, in a time in my life when I really needed something to enjoy. On top of that people took the time to read it! I believe that first post had around 60 views the day I published it and I was stunned, so many people cared enough to take the time to read it. Hell I’m still stunned at the number of people that read my stuff or listen to our podcast, I mean I’m not acting like we’re the biggest outfit in the world or anything like that but the listeners and readers that we have always shock me, and they’re so dedicated and loyal to keeping up with what me, Madison, and now Austin are doing with Bonfire Sports and even though I say it every episode of the podcast I legitimately think that you all are the best, plain and simple.

I guess the point I’m trying to make here is just do what you love. Don’t make excuses, because we all do. I love sports, I love talking about them and watching them, and I gave myself an outlet for that. Don’t be afraid to be passionate about something and spend all your free time working on it, because I promise it is so worth it. I know I may be coming off like this is a “chase your dreams guys, I did and I’ve made it” kind of deal but I promise it’s not lol. I’ve got a lot more that I want to do with the Bonfire Sports brand and I’m sure you all have a lot more you want to see out of us as well.

Bonfire Sports, started out with me blogging on my old shitty laptop, that I figured I’d write roughly one blog a week on. Around a month and a half later I talked my best friend Madison into doing the podcast with me and it was a hit, even though it was recorded on that same shitty laptop and I had no idea how to edit or produce it I just figured it out as I went, it was a blast and got a lot of attention. The podcast is the reason I don’t blog as much but I think the fans are more interested in the podcast than the blogs and I’ve only got so much time in the day. Later after the podcast started I got our social media going better, gaining followers and posting more videos and funny content, and while we don’t have giant accounts yet every follower is appreciated and we’re trending upwards for sure. Towards the end of the year we got our other podcast “Ball Me” fired up, hosted by Austin Blackburn with Madison and myself taking turns on the show. Austin is killing it in his own right to be just getting started, and if you are a basketball fan at all I implore you to go download Ball Me, you won’t regret it.

Even though I spend about every waking second I have during the day that I’m not working my regular job on this stuff, it’s nice to kind of look back and see that it’s worth it. If I’m not gathering information, recording, or editing for Bonfire Sports or Ball Me podcast, I’m writing a blog, posting videos on our social media, making videos or memes. So I legitimately try not to have a second of down time, but that’s how I like it and for the Bonfire Sports brand and all the followers and listeners, I promise that will never change. Again I’m not trying to be showy or act like we’ve done anything substantial yet but like I stated previously it’s nice reflecting and seeing what’s been accomplished and I thought some of our fans might like that too. So thanks everyone of you who has read/listened/ or watched our stuff over the last year. I promise to keep it coming and keep getting better. Thank you.

If you haven’t go check out our most recent episodes of the podcasts.

Bonfire Sports episode 54:

Ball Me episode 12:

Oh yea, and here’s that first blog if anyone wants to read it. I give the content a 9/10 but the title a 0/10 lol.

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